Why are Drones Being Used by Photographers and Cinematographers? Drones provide new aerial perspectives, enhancing visual experience and capturing new vantage points of the world. Camera cranes, steadicams and camera tracks all have specific physical constraints. Drones can replace land-based equipment — including jibs, dollies, and even cranes and Russian Arms — to capture shots. s. Drones today have “smart” features that make them safer and more stable to operate, including Vision Positioning Systems (VPS) and Obstacle avoidance sensors. 3-axis drone gimbals stabilize along the yaw, pitch and roll – and they’re available in all shapes in sizes. Drones are small, easy to maneuver and far more affordable than manned aircraft. How are Drones Being Used by Photographers and Cinematographers? Movies and Film: From new camera angles to full-speed chase scenes, flights over water or in-between trees, the sky is the limit for cinematographers on film sets. Real Estate Photography: Real estate agents are able to sell properties more effectively by utilizing drone photography and video, as aerial photography is quickly becoming the standard in effectively marketed real estate listings fbs create account. Wedding Photography: Drones allow videographers to capture sweeping footage from overhead, creating an extremely dramatic effect for wedding videos. Advertising: Drones allow the capture of images or the display of ads that are currently costly or difficult to obtain. News: Many news organizations use helicopters or planes which have higher costs and require people on-site to operate. Additionally, if a journalist is covering conflict or natural disaster, drones can remove people from that danger while still covering the story https://www.fbs.com.ph.

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